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Container House Manufacturer in Pakistan
Container House Manufacturer in Pakistan

Container House Manufacturer in Pakistan

A container house, or a shipping container home, is a type of dwelling made from shipping containers converted into livable spaces. We manufacture containers typically made of steel and designed to withstand the rigors of international shipping. Our shipping container houses are durable, weather-resistant, and easily transported to different locations. Our Container houses can be constructed by stacking and joining multiple containers to create larger living spaces or by cutting and modifying containers to create unique designs. They can be used as single-family homes, multi-unit housing, vacation homes, offices, and more.

Our Container houses in Pakistan are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability, durability, and eco-friendliness. They are often less expensive to build than traditional homes and can be designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable. They can also be customized to suit various design preferences and needs.

Consider the attachment if you have decided to buy our prefab container house. Our responsibility is to ensure our potential customers get the right container homes designs.

What Are Our Legal Requirements for Buying Container Houses In Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the legal requirements for buying our container house will depend on the location where the house is being purchased. However, here are some general legal requirements that may apply:

Building Codes and Permits:

Our Container houses may be subject to building codes and zoning regulations in the area where they will be located. We need to check with the relevant authorities to ensure that our container house meets all necessary building codes and obtains the required building permits before purchasing.

Land Ownership:

As a container house builder in Pakistan, it’s our responsibility to check that the container houses in Pakistan that we offer should not be placed on land owned by someone else. If it is placed on another person’s land, then it is important for us to obtain permission from the landowner before purchasing and installing the container house.

Property Taxes:

Our Container houses may be subject to property taxes just like traditional homes, and it is important to understand the tax implications of owning a container house in the area where it will be located. 

Contracts and Agreements:

When purchasing our cheap container homes, all our clients must have a clear and legally binding contract or agreement with us outlining the terms and conditions of the purchase and any guarantees or warranties that are necessary to buy our container houses.  

All our clients should consult with our real estate lawyer to ensure that all legal requirements are met when purchasing our container house in Pakistan. Additionally, checking with the local authorities and obtaining any necessary permits and approvals before purchasing and installing our cheap container homes is important.

What Sizes and Layouts Do We Offer Container Houses in Pakistan To Our Customers?

We offer standard-size shipping containers in Pakistan, which are 8 feet wide and 8 feet 6 inches high with the following lengths:

  • 20 FT
  • 40FT

Our 1300SPAREBOX has 40 FT and 20 FT tall cube containers, helping you with 30cm extra space available. That may not seem like a lot of room, but it gives you higher ceilings, more furniture room, and an open-plan layout. The great thing about working with storage bins is that you can group them to create a larger space. Our Shipping containers can be arranged in various configurations, so the space you need and the limitations of your terrain will determine how many containers you need and how to place them.

The advantage of a small shipping container house is that it is affordable and can be built quickly in the factory. This small house in Pakistan is built to be wider. We offer clever design and minimal features to make the space feel larger. It has large windows and makes the most of the stunning views. A series of small features separate the different spaces, including the kitchen, bedroom, and sofa area. 

Our shipping container homes are available as prefabricated modular homes, which reduce construction time. We will deliver our portacabin within a few weeks! Most of the Prefabricated Buildings code testing is done at the factory, simplifying and speeding things up. If you are demanding to design a custom home or building a DIY project, the container will give you a fun pre-built structure to work with. 

What Cost Price of Container House Designs do We Offer in Pakistan?

The cost of our container houses in Pakistan may vary depending on several factors, such as the size, design, location, and quality of materials used. The average cost of our basic container house in Pakistan can range from PKR 500,000 to PKR 1,500,000. However, our more luxurious and customized container homes designs can cost over PKR 3,000,000 or more. Our container quality and prices are more reasonable than our competitors, such as Vogue Engineering Services (Pvt.) Ltd. ( It is recommended to consult with our professional container house builder or supplier for a more accurate cost estimate. If you want to get more information about steel structure solution then for this you need to visit Steel Structure Company. You will get all details regarding our container houses that you want.