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Completed Projects


Completed Projects of Shenjiao Engineering Company (private) LTD

Projects Name
Lahore Abdul Hakeem Motorway
Structure Manufacturing M3 Tool Plaza
Khanewal Motorway
Structure Manufacturing M4 Tool Plaza

Peshawar to Sukkar Motorway Tool Plaza

Projects Name
Taranda Muhammad Pana Motorway
Tool Plaza Erection, Structure Manufacturing M5 Tool Plaza
Midland Expressway Motorway
Tool Plaza Erection, Structure Manufacturing M6 Tool Plaza
Tool Plaza Erection, Structure Manufacturing M7 Tool Plaza
Projects Name
Jhang Power Plant
Pre-Fabricated Structure, Sheds, ( Gas Turbine 1 , Gas Turbine 2 , Pipe Racks Erection )
Master Green
Wind Turbine Project
Wind Turbine Project
Wind Turbine Project
Wind Turbine Project
Gantry Tower, Bus Bars, Lighting Pole, Wind Turbine Project
Thar Coal Power Plant
Pre-Fabricated Structure ,Sheds
Engro Corporation Karachi, Pakistan
Civil Works, Pre-Fabricated Structure
Karot Power Plant
Graitings, Railing, Steel Structure
Tarbela Dam Project
Pre-Fabricated Structure
Changhong Ruba
Pre-Fabricated Shed
Trimmu Barrage Project
Steel Structure
Punjnad Extension Project
Steel Structure
China Machinery Engineering Company
Power Plant (Steel Pipe Racks)
Orange Line Metro Train
Workshop Maintenances Projects
Projects Name
Orange Line Metro Train
A grand Project of Orange Line made by SECO
Sheikhupura to Gujranwala
Tool Plaza, Road Safety, Sign Board
Thar Coal Project
Equipment & Machinery, Warehouse Sheds Fabrication And Installation
Vivo Communication Technology Factory in Faisalabad Pakistan.
Construction, Pre-Fabricated Structures
Royal Cell Biotechnology Company
Various Kind of Sheds, Residential  Container, Office Container
Sukker Municipal Company
Different Kind of Dustbins
Jinnah Hospital Extension
Concrete Shuttering
Habib Construction Services
Different Kind of Concrete Shuttering
Bhasha Dam Project, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Bhasha Dam Construction
Toll Plaza on the S-G (Shehubra – Gujranwala) expressway

The Construction of two toll plaza on the S-G (Shehubra – Gujranwala). Expressway, jointly funded by NKB and HCS, is under way. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will attend the opening ceremony of the expressway.

Pak Elektron Limited (PEL)
50 MW Transformers