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Roofing Structure
Roofing Structure in Pakistan

Roofing Structure in Pakistan

A roofing structure refers to the framework that supports a building’s roof. It is an essential component of any building as it helps to protect the building from external elements
Steel Structure Company
Reliable Steel Structure Company in Pakistan

Reliable Steel Structure Company in Pakistan

It doesn’t matter whether you are a construction professional or an owner. You need quality-oriented and industry-experienced steel fabricators – right? Our steel structure company in Pakistan is mainly for
Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings Manufacturing & Installation

A prefabricated building is a structure built outside a factory or manufacturing facility and then transported to a final location for assembly. Our Prefabricated buildings in Pakistan are typically made
Container Houses
Container House Manufacturer in Pakistan

Container House Manufacturer in Pakistan

A container house, or a shipping container home, is a type of dwelling made from shipping containers converted into livable spaces. We manufacture containers typically made of steel and designed


  • Transmission Tower
  • Water Management
  • Pipe Line Work
  • Road Safety
  • Road Marking
  • Security Products
  • CNC Products
  • Custom Steel Fabrication


Welding Plants
CO2 Arc Welding Machines / MIG Welding
Multi Head CNC Plate Cutting Machine
H Beam Assembling Machine
Gantry Submerged Arc Welding Machine
H&I Section Straightner Machine
Radial Arm Driling Machine
Shot Blasting Machine
Plate Shearing Machine
Plate Bending Machine
Multi Profile Cutting and Punching Machine
CNC Drilling Machine
Power Press Mechanical
Lathe Machines
Threading Machines
Milling Machines
Plate Rolling Machine
Hydraulic Press
Semi Auto Welding Machine
Corrugated Profile Machines


Pier Formwork
Box Pier Formwork
Box T-Formwork
Tunnel Lining
Tunnel Lining
Steel Box Girder
Concrete Dosing Machine
Asphalt Dosing Machine
Pedestrian Bridges & Staircase
Girder Transport Vehicle
Over head Cranes
All Kind Slip Formwork
Pre-Fab Buildings (PEB)
Girder Transport Vehicle
Pre-Fab Buildings (PEB)
Batching Plant Accessories
Steel Hanging Baskets
All Kind Of Steel Structure
Cement Stock Silos
Heavy Vehicle Bodies
Scaffolding Joints
Chemical Mixing Tanks
Fuel Storage Tanks
Office Porta Cabins
Roofing Structure